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With deep regret we say good-bye to Ian Fisher, powerhouse of The Cowboys. We urge you to hop over to to get all the details and join in the celebration of Ian's life...

Winter 2007

COWBOYS--Yeeeehawww! Range-Ridin' Rockin'.
1979-85. Seattle/The Great Plains.
"Jet City Rockers" CD.

The Yin to The HEATS' Yang... Great high-energy, rootsy rockin' with strong ska and punk undertones. All The COWBOYS singles, EP's, and album are collected here, along with legendary singer Ian Fisher's VERY FIRST single, "Girls Like That". Always a hugely popular live band in the early-mid '80's, The COWBOYS have recently done a few concerts featuring "honorary COWBOY" and #1 fan Dave Dederer of "The Presidents of the U.S.A.".

Rockingly remastered, restored and sequenced by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studios, for great results at your home on the range.

Catching up with The Cowboys:

(from the Seattle Times)

Nov. 1, 1998
Nov. 22, 1998


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The Cowboys

"Jet City Rockers"

The Cowboys were perhaps as motley a crew as has ever been assembled for a Northwest band. Singer Ian Fisher was loud, boisterous, arrogant, and had a fake english accent: In short, he was everything a lead singer needed to be, and he was a commanding presence.

The band mixed a little reggae with power-pop, and it was this knack for being populist that gained it such a large following. Their biggest hits were "Rude Boy" and "Girls Like That", both of which sound surprisingly catchy even today. Unfortunately, The Cowboys never got a major-label deal: They were at least as good as many of the bands that clogged the "Rock of the '80's" airwaves, and as a live band they were rivalled by few. (Charles Cross)
THE ROCKET, Seattle, Sept.23, 1998